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Brooklyn Bridge from Dumbo
Brooklyn Bridge from Dumbo
Brooklyn Bridge from Dumbo

This is the first photograph I processed from my recent outing with a bunch of friends. Remember when I mentioned Bob coming down from the Boston area.

The sun was setting and fast so I found my spot between the bushes. I captured my first set of brackets at f/8 and then decided to close up for longer exposures. So I closed to f/22 and all of a sudden my Promote Control stopped working. Opened back up to f/8 and it worked again. Not sure what that meant, but I had to get my shots in.

I quickly put the camera on self timer, closed up to f/22 and captured the brackets the manual way.

This photograph was processed in Photomatix and then I used DFine for noise reduction and finished up in PhotoTools.

As a side note, remember that shot I posted a while back called A Bridge Between Friends? It was the Manhattan Bridge, just to the right of what you’re seeing here.

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  1. Love this shot Scott. Very cool! This makes me want to get back to NYC and do some serious shooting! Still haven’t been to Brooklyn, or been on the bridge. Coming in November, so hopefully I’ll have some cool shots to share of this American monument when I get back. Love NYC!

    1. Thank you David. Let me know when you’re in town and i’ll see if I can come meet up.

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