New York Mile

It was about this point when I asked Bob Lusser, “How long do you think the Brooklyn Bridge is?”  Bob had a very funny answer, which I am hoping he will comment with below.  When Bob and I met up with the rest of the guys later on, I asked the question again.  Apparently everyone comes up with a clever, and funny answer.

What would your answer be?


How long is the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is actually 5,989 feet long.  That equals 1.134 mile or 1996 yards.

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  1. Sadly, the best I can come up with is “long enough to reach the other side, I hope.”

    1. Not far off from another answer I received. :-)

  2. I’d probably say “I have no frakkin’ idea” :)

    Love this photo buddy.

    1. That works :-) Thanks Mike!

  3. I think I said, “Too f&%$ing long.” But I can’t be sure. Might have to go back and measure again. :-)

    Love this shot, BTW!

    1. That is indeed what you said :-) Thanks Bob!

  4. My answer was so wrong I’m not even going to repeat it :) — I LOVE the way you exposed this shot, the orange light in the lower left is an awesome touch!

    1. Thanks Steve, I appreciate that!

  5. Nice composition of the skyline, water and bridge. All tied together very neatly.

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