My Halloween Portraits, Happy Friday the 13th

A prerequisites of coming to my Halloween Party were bringing a Halloween themed appetizer or dessert and getting a portrait taken of you in costume.  Here are a batch of my favorite photos from the party.  One person decided to get out of costume but that’s ok because the photo still came out great!

All the photos were taken with the same settings (see below) using a Nikon D700 and an on camera SB900 with the diffusion on top and the flash aimed up.

At the party:
Kate Gosselin, The Monopoly Man, Creepy Zombie Woman, Dr. Sloan & Dr. Grey, A Laundry Dryer and the Sock Stealing Monster, Little Red Robbin Hood, “Movie Stars”, a Gangster, a Pirate, Cowboy & girl and of course I was the Paprazzi.

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