My Favorite Storm Chaser Photographer

I am happy and proud to say that Mike Olbinski is my friend. He is a super nice person and an amazing photographer. To say that he is my favorite storm chaser photographer is true but also deceiving because he photographs a lot more than storms. He is also a landscape, portrait and event photographer.


While shooting around New York City, the group took a short break at a beer garden in Central Park.  I caught this candid portrait of Mike while we were all relaxing.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. He’s an ok guy. :) Sounded like you guys had a blast in NY.

  2. I heard he’s a douchebag, but whatever you think Scott :)

    Thanks for the shot!

    1. Sweet little bromance here. :) All kidding aside, I truly dig his work. I guess I am replying to his post so I could say I dig YOUR work! Keep it up!

  3. Nice shot!

  4. Nice portrait and writeup, Scott! Mike’s cool peeps.

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