Mind Blowing iPhoneography Photo Stats [Infographic]

42% of the 1.3 million iPhone photos have location info embedded

More iPhone photos are captured in Europe than in North America

1.7% of iPhone photos are taken in New York

The average photo size is just under 2MB

More iPhone photos are taken at ISO 80 than any other ISO

52% of these photos are in landscape and a small portion of iPhone photos use flash (considering the volume of iPhone photos that are out there)

More iPhone photos are taken at 4PM than any other time of the day.

The most photos taken between August and October, 2011 is September 11, 2011. I can't say I'm surprised but at the same time… wow.

My question is… will this change with the new iPhone 4S?

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  1. Interesting stats!

  2. I am doing a personal research project on iphoneography and a Google search brought me to your website. Thanks for sharing the infographic. Very useful.

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