Megapixeld is a Stellar Photography Websites Directory and Showcase

What is Megapixeld?

We are creating a world class photography directory for photographers and those that need photography services. We hope it brings you business and promotes beautiful design in the photography industry

My friend Scotty Webb created Megapixeld a long while back and although it was a really cool website it didn’t take off.  Recently, WooThemes released an incredible WordPress theme that made Scotty go back and redesign Megapixeld from scratch.  I’m glad he did because now Megapixeld truly is a stellar photography website directory and showcase.  Did I mention listings are free?

Megapixeld - Photography Websites Directory and Showcase
Megapixeld’s Homepage

Megapixeld is a Gallery of Photography Websites. The websites on display range from Photography Portfolios to Viral Photography Projects. We intend Megapixeld to become a source of inspiration to you as a photographer, and could become a source for designers to see the designs of photography sites around the internet.

How much?

Megapixeld is not your standard listings website.  It is created with photographer in mind.  Yes, you can have your website listed for free.  But there is are Plus and Pro listings (at a very affordable prices) that enables extra features in your listing.  Plus listings get a Klout badge, Google map of the photographers location, Call to action button to the photographers website, one rich keyword, and six promo photos.  Pro listings get all of the Plus features and also Social Buttons (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Blog RSS), Blog broadcast of recent posts, the Pro badge and more.

Megapixeld Pricing
Megapixeld’s Pricing

I was getting frustrated trying to move around the internet and bookmark the websites I found inspirational. – Scotty Webb

What I love

What I love about Megapixeld is the simplicity of the design, the ease of navigation, browsing and searching. There are no google ads that typically litter directories.

Megapixeld Search
Megapixeld’s Search Feature

When you’re on an individual photographer’s listing, there are similar photographers listed below.  Convenient for a customer? I think so!

Megapixeld Similar
Megapixeld’s Similar Listings

The homepage shows the categories, which make it a breeze to pick.

Megapixeld Categories
Megapixeld’s Categories

The PRO listing offers everything a customer would want to see in a listing website and everything a photographer would want shared.

Megapixeld - Scott Wyden Imagery
My Megapixeld Listing

The Biggest Advantage

The best thing about Megapixeld is that Scotty Webb Scotty Webb, a London Ontario Photographer, moderates it all.  Meaning, it’s not automated and it will remain clean and effective.  Additionally, as new tools, services and services come available, they can all be integrated as added features in the PRO listings.  As a related note, similar websites to Megapixeld require a link back to the site.  Megapixeld does not, however it is still a good idea to link back.  Doing so can only help you in the end.

Last But Not Least

As the website gains more listings and the word starts spreading around you will find yourself gaining traffic from the Megapixeld. Why is traffic good? Depending on how you use your photography blog, traffic can be leads, jobs or affiliate money. Enough said.

Did I Miss Anything

I believe I got it all, but just in case I didn’t, go check out the website! Better yet, go list your website and see for yourself.

Visit Megapixeld

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Dude thanks for writing this up! It’s beyond appreciated!

    Really cool fact is that I looked at your listing earlier and your Klout Score is now 64. Rad! I mean nothing to do with the site, but we set it and it just pulls on going. And Instantly the recommendations are noticeable.

    The directories go quite deep and can become really powerful for photographers over time. It’s all about opening up the adjacent possible! The more comprehensive the Photographer’s listing is the better. For instance, look at yours – one of the features is that you accept guest posts. That leads into another category of all the listings that accept guest posts. This can become a quick way to see what photography websites a photographer can approach to write for and build more backlinks for SEO benefits.

    Also, remember that traffic doesn’t necessarily need to come direct from MegaPixeld – anchor text will help in search aka Google. The more details MegaPixeld has with a listing offers more possible reasons to blog about a photography business too – more links.

    It becomes about putting your photography business on our radar and everyone elses too.

    Thanks again for writing this! Really hope to get to shoot with you and your crew sometime this year!

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for taking your time building such an amazing resource!

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