Meet Bob 23/52
Bob Lussier
Bob Lussier

My friend Bob Lussier is a photographer living in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He came down to New York City this weekend for some shooting. Yesterday after work I hopped on a train to meetup with Bob, Steve, Brian, Brian, Jesse and Chris. We walked across the Brooklyn bridge and captures loads of shots. I wanted to share this with you as a preview of some of the fun shots that we captured along the walk. I will also leave you with an extra tidbit of fun information. For half of the walk, Bob had his fisheye attached to his D700. Oh yes, a fisheye on the Brooklyn bridge.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Sweet candid! Such a great time, dude. Glad you made it.

    1. Great time indeed! So glad I was able to make it.

  2. Best day ever – great post Scott. It was my first time meeting Bob and I think Jesse nailed it when he said – “Bob is a silent assassin” – he quietly zips around taking shots all over the place and his eye is incredible… His work has been an inspiration to me since I started following all of the photo blogs. And… he’s the nicest guy ever.

  3. Hey, I like silent assassin!! Seriously? It was a fantastic day. Scott, I’m so glad you made it in for the nighttime fun. It was great hanging out with you on the bridge waiting for the slowpokes :-)

    And hey… What does “23/52” mean? Or maybe I don’t want to ask. :-)

    1. I like it too. You should totally use it. 23/52 is because the photo is part of my Project 52 series for this year. Fun hanging out with you too Bob! Glad we finally got to shoot together.

  4. Sounds like a fun day, look forward to the shots

    1. It was a blast. Thanks Chris

  5. Scott, the site looks great on the iPad. What plugin? Where are the shots of the bridge?

  6. I need to get myself a fisheye… Neat place to shoot indeed!

    1. The thing with fisheye lenses is that you need to make sure you will use it, otherwise it will sit :-)

  7. dude, great time on Friday shooting, look forward to doing it again.

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