Making An Impact From Simplicity

Creating a studio setting on location comes with downsides.

For one, you’re limited to the space you’re in – which can be a major problem for framing, lens choice, lighting – you name it.

I was shooting a gig recently where more light was needed on the clothing that each model was wearing.  Knowing that, I packed more light modifiers than I would normally use.


For the simple setup I used:

  • 1 softbox overhead (for the model’s face)
  • 1 umbrella on the left (low) to cover the models’ bodies
  • 1 umbrella to the left but in front of the model for fill
  • 1 bare strobe behind the model for the background.
  • 1 reflector mounted to the bottom of the softbox light stand to add extra fill on the models’ legs.


One thing that I recommend doing when in a situation that limits how you work, is chimping. I don’t normally recommend it for other situations, however, sometimes a photographers has to do what a photographer has to do.  For this situation, chimping was the only way to make sure the light was perfect.

Chimping is the act of looking at your LCD screen after taking a photograph.

The most important thing about photographing a studio setup in tight spaces is making the best of it – have fun doing it – rock it!

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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