Love What You Do & Do What You Love

I love photography and I love being a photographer.  Every aspect of photography is interesting to me, and always has been.

I find it amazing what can be done with a simple still image.

Take this photograph for example.  Captured during the Balloon Festival as a major storm was going to hit. The sky got a crazy deep blue, the balloon crews were packing it in and heading out.

This was shot using the Nikon D700 and 70-200 VRII lens.  I was zoomed at 200mm, so the contrast in the scene began to lessen.  So when it came time to processing, I knew I had to bring back what disappeared.

That is where onOne Software’s Perfect Effects comes in to play.

Using editing software that makes a photographer’s life easier, is a joy.  Seriously!

Using editing software that inspires different looks, new ideas and makes a photograph come to life, is more than a joy.


  1. Lens correction in Lightroom
  2. Color enhancement in Perfect Effects
  3. Contrast boost in Perfect Effects
  4. Tonal Contrast in Perfect Effects
  5. Slight glow in Perfect Effects

Just remember, that no matter what you do – love it.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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