Lespwa Haiti – A Photography Documentary

My friends Colby Brown and Ray Tollison are heading to Haiti to help those who need it. They will be making a photography documentary and will be sharing it all with the world. Their friend Melissa Connor Basta is also joining them on this huge venture.

Lespwa Haiti – A Work in Progress, is a photo documentary about Haiti and its efforts to rebuild in the wake of the January 12, 2010 earthquake that shattered the country’s capital, killing more than 250,000 people, leaving 1.5 million homeless with more than 300,000 orphans, a figure that is rising. 

Colby, Ray and Melissa are asking are asking for donations to help offset the personal costs of getting to Haiti. Anything donated over the expenses will be donated to the NGO’s which are backing the team.

If you donate over $50 you will receive a free print around 10″x15″ or so. If you can afford donating even $5, it will make a difference.

The team can be followed by visiting through their website, Twitter and Facebook. There will be a live GPS tracking system set up so you can follow their every move in real-time..


So please head on over to their site and read more about Lespwa Haiti.  Bookmark the sites, follow and fan them.  Be a part of this amazing act.

Lespwa fe viv. Hope makes life.

Thanks for reading,

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