Safely Landing (Pages) in WordPress

premiseGet them right, and they become one major piece of a booming business online.
Get them wrong, and, well … nothing happens.
And that’s just the writing part.

If you’ve ever tried to build a landing page in WordPress, you know it can get very frustrating, very fast. The basic idea is to strip all the extras away — on that page only — so your reader focuses on the action or product you want them to focus on.

Remove the sidebars. Change the header. But don’t change the header on all the other pages of your site!

Track down the right images and graphics. Play with color, add an opt-in form (one that actually looks good). Add video, add audio, and on and on and on.

Unless you’re a developer, this stuff can drive you crazy, and waste a lot of your time.

The team at CopyBlogger made this super easy by creating a WordPress plugin called Premise. It’s affordable and makes creating landing pages super simple. It takes all the hassle out of building effective landing pages that get results.

Beyond page building and design, you also get copywriting advice (right from inside WordPress), plus copywriting and conversion optimization seminars.

So that’s that. I recommend checking out Premise if you’re looking for an easy solution to a difficult problem for selling content.

Just saying… it’s useful as heck.


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