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I have been using Nik Software‘s Silver Efex Pro for years now.  It has been the best black & white specific software forever.

Last week Google announced it’s acquisition of Nik Software.  Being that Google is in so much of a photographer’s life as is, it is no surprise they picked up one of the leading photographic software providers.  However, they acquired Nik Software really for Snapseed (Mac/iPad), they’re Instagram competitor with manual control.


Now, since Google acquired Nik Software, I have decided to no longer use it.  Not because I have anything against Google or Nik Software, but because there is a new black & white tool coming to the industry.

In fact, it will be a part of the best photo editing software available, the onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 7.  The new software is called Perfect B+W.  Stay tuned for more on it.

I know I am excited, are you?

Gear: Leica M9, 50mm
Processing: Lightroom

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. I too am super sad about Google acquiring NIK Software. I know they made a pledge to support every product, but your right. They bought it for snapseed. I really need to learn OnOne Software.

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