JC in Yellow 9/52
JC in Yellow
JC wearing a yellow kaftan

Yesterday I had a photo shoot with a women’s clothing line.  I have photographed their clothing before but, I never really liked all the clothing.  A lot of it has always been nice but now majority of it is nice.  I can’t share all the photos from the shoot because some of the clothing is not sold as this company’s brand.  Some of it is sold to the big names that you find in all of the malls around the world.

Early yesterday, after I set everything up I snapped a quick shot from my cell phone and posted it on my Phone Blog.  Check out The Set and then also On white, which is when we switched the background to white.

The key to these photo shoots is not the models, but the clothing as the photos are being used to market and sell.  When a store or catalog buys the clothing they re-shoot the photos using their own models in their style.  It’s all about the clothes.

For this shot I was using the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II lens at 70mm.  My aperture was at f/8 and my shutter speed was at 1/60.  I was using strobes through umbrellas, one bare strobe and one reflector.  I recorded a video of the set and of some of the photo shoot itself.  Once I edit down 4 hours of video into a nice 10/15 minute (maybe) video I will share it all with more detail.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Very professional shot Scott (not that I’d expect anything less). If it provides any extra motivation I’d be very interested in that video.

    1. Thanks Mark. I started working on the video. I might have it ready at some point this week or next.

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