It’s not a flower 14/52
It's not a flower

This morning I was on a mission (sent by Luana) to photograph Cakepops.  I had the same mission a couple weeks ago, but this time, the Cakepops were even more creative.  Luana brought over her Cakepops in the shape of flowers, animals and some various others.  This is one of my favorite photographs from the series.  They look great and taste great.

It's not a flower
It's not a flower

For the series, I used a few Nikon strobes and triggered them with PocketWizards.  All of the shots were taken inside an inexpensive “eBay box”.  Sometimes the simplest approach is the best kind.

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  1. Nice image. I use the same box as you and its awesomely simple

    1. Thanks Mark. That’s one product well worth the price.

  2. Wow, it looks almost like a still shot from an animation. Way cool.

    1. Thank you very much Rohan

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