Is It Important To Have A Blogging Strategy?

This is what happened when I went from writing an article every day Monday – Friday to publishing 2 or 3 articles a week.

Since writing this, I have gone back to my original strategy and the results have also been interesting.

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On Having A Blogging Strategy

I read an article from a very well known copywriter, +Jon Morrow.

Jon is best known for his work with +Copyblogger  and his Headline Hacks cheat sheet.

The article talked about how posting every day is a silly strategy.  I commented that I had been blogging every day for over a year and I was willing to give lesser a try.

So I did…

Since the end of March, I have been posting 2 articles a week instead of 5.  I looked through my Google Analytics statistic to find the best day to post – and that’s the direction I went.

Well, as it turns out, it may not have been the best strategy.

Or is it?


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