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On May 24, 2010 I had the honor of testing a new product on the market for photographers.  It is a WordPress theme called iFolios.  Since then, the product has been updated with a cool new feature that supports viewing on iPads.  The new version automatically resizes photos for smaller devices.  Meaning, you design your iFolios mobile website for the iPad and everything is shrunk for viewing on an Android phone or iPhone.  Cool, right?

Why iFolios?  It is not designed to mobilize your blog.  It is designed to be your mobile photography portfolio.

If you don’t want to WPTouch then I highly recommend checking out iFolios.  I use WPTouch Pro for my website, but I still have my iFolios page live for those reading my review.  I have the site updated with the new version so please check it out on iPads and smart phones.

Check out the iFolios website for more samples and information. iFolios – Android, iPhone & iPad websites for photographers.

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  1. Device detection with automatic dynamic scaling is impressive, but the price has the wrong decimal point in my place. $9.99 and I bet they sell boat loads of these things, but at $99, double or triple what a professional theme from a premium WP site is, and WPTouch’s free plugin makes this a very hard sell for me.

    1. That is my only complaint about the theme as well. I use WPTouch Pro for myself but for photographers specifically I think this theme and design was very well executed!

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