I Shall Call Them Squishy


If you arrive at Azul Senstori in the evening, walk inside the lobby and look up, this is what you see. I first noticed this one night when all of our guests were gathered in the lobby for a group photograph in the front of the resort. I looked up and it hit me… “Scott, put your camera up and capture that!” [So I did]

If you want to see what I photographed next, then look below.


Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


PS.  Can you guess what the Sensatori means in Azul Sensatori?  I found out my last morning there.

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  1. Love this image Scott! What a great visual play with the title! Excellent!

    1. Thank you very much Jim!

  2. Love the top photo! I’m not familiar with the title though :(

  3. cool, cool, coooool!
    BOTH of them!!!
    not enough people look up and around!
    and, yeah, i’m a sucker for reflection photos, too.

    that blue shooting up shot is magnificent, tho! looks to me like a real winner for a commercial buyer!

    1. I appreciate that Sharon

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