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This is day three of 5DayDeal, so I thought I would share additional words of encouragement. Watch this video.

Since forming, 5DayDeal has saved over 81,000 photographers well over $181,000,000 in products. There is immense value in purchasing products you’ve wanted to use and learn from for a low price.

The current 5DayDeal bundle is worth over $2500, but it’s being sold at 96% off. By picking up 5DayDeal for $117 you’re getting access to some of the industry’s best offerings. All of which have never been included in a bundle like this before.


Hone your craft

By picking up the 5DayDeal photography bundle you will:

  • Learn how to bring the WOW to your landscape photographs.
  • Style your photographs to better reflect your unique vision.
  • Create amazing art with professional backgrounds and textures.
  • Edit your photographs faster and with more creative focus.
  • Hone your craft by watching tutorials by award-winning pros.
  • Gain the skills you need to create portraits clients love.
  • Ramp up your compositions so you can tell a more powerful story.
  • Discover how to produce B&W photographs that get noticed.
  • Save a ton of money while your grow your photographic skill.
  • Grow as a photographer by learning from seasoned professionals.
  • Shoot on-location like a pro on a small budget (or no budget).
  • Save time using expertly created Adobe Lightroom presets.
  • Produce stunning photographs using any camera, new or old.
  • Pose your portrait subjects more naturally and with better results.
  • Edit your photographs using brand-new Adobe Photoshop Actions.
  • Learn how to become the artist you’ve always wanted to be.
  • Get expert training on creating HDR images that captivate viewers.
  • Develop a style and workflow that makes digital editing fun.

5DayDeal Charity Goal

Every 5DayDeal there is a dollar value goal we want to raise. This year it’s $200,000. I think we can meet and exceed it. When you purchase your bundle you’re provided the ability to have your charity component go to one of the following charities, or split between them.

  • Mercy Ships brings hope and healing to the forgotten poor by mobilizing people and resources worldwide, without regard for race, gender, or religion.
  • BOMA helps ultra poor women start small businesses in their rural communities, so they can pay for food, school fees and medical care for their families.
  • The Exodus Road fuels interventions & rescues by providing funds, covert gear, technology, resources & staff to support local authorities in finding and freeing modern slaves.
  • Smile-A-Mile’s provides hope, healing of the spirit and love for the whole family during the childhood cancer journey through year-round programming & more.
  • The 5DayDeal Foundation lends a helping hand to scientific, environmental, humanitarian and other charitable causes worldwide.

Time is running out. 5DayDeal is literally five days long. Today is day three, so there is the remainder of today and two more days. Once the clock runs out, the deal is gone.


If you purchase the bundle using my link then I am throwing in another course. As a thank you, you will also receive my course, Camera to Completion: Process.

So please help me help you make an impact on the world. Changing lives has never been so simple. Learn more about 5DayDeal here.

Save the world

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