Going The Distance

Sometimes as photographers we have to take additional steps to get the shot.

Going the distance as a photographer (tweet this )

Sometimes as photographers we have to photograph things that are disgusting.

However, while at a New Jersey Smug photowalk, we came upon this beautiful 10 foot (or so) tall sculpture that was made of stained glasses pieces.  The sculpture reflected the sunlight in a million directions, and I really wanted to photograph it.

The problem is that there was dirt and rocks at the bottom of the sculpture, and because of the metal pipes in between the glass, getting inside of the web would be difficult.

So here is what I did:

  • Reached inside the web and placed my hat on the ground.  I’d rather get the hat dirty than scratch the camera’s LCD.
  • Placed my Leica M9 on the Really Right Stuff Tripod and extended the legs all the way.
  • Exposed for the scene before attempting to photograph it
  • Focused for infinity
  • Set the self-timer and pushed the shutter button
  • Maneuvered the camera through the web and placed it LCD side down on my hat

And that is how this photograph was made.

Any questions?

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. This is cool! Nice effort and worth the result! Good stuff Scott!

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