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Aaron Hockley is an awesome photographer from the Vancouver , Washington area.  Aaron is more popularly known from his blog Social Photo Talk.  His most recent endeavor is another way to improve on your brand.  Photo Blog Boost is a way for any photographer to learn how to increase the content on your blog to reach out to new people, attract new customers and grow your business overall.  Photo Blog Boost is like hiring an on site consultant without the cost of one.

Photo Blog Boost is a series of lessons presented in various forms:

  • online articles/tutorials
  • online video
  • twice-weekly email updates
  • each participant gets one 20 minute private coaching/consultation with Aaron Hockley

Photo Blog Boost is presented as a 12-week progressive program.  Participants have the ability to work through the material at a slower pace if so desired, and material will be available on an ongoing basis. Each week will focus on a specific topic with tutorials, resources, and a “homework” suggestion related to that topic.

Aaron wants to help you blog more effectively. He wants your photography business to succeed. The Photo Blog Boost program is a one-time $279 payment, which entitles participants to the 12-week program and coach/consulting session (with ongoing access to program material).

Considering the cost of an on site consultant that isn’t bad at all!

Even better is you can save 20% off that price by using my discount code scottwyden.

I do make a small commission if you click the link but I can tell you Photo Blog Boost is well worth the price.

Here is a sample of what you could expect:

“Your blog is a great opportunity to explain your offerings. Talk about what’s included in your services. Explain a bit about your pricing strategy and why it provides a great value for your client. Share what goes into the creation of your fine art piece.”

“How often should you be posting a new blog entry? I would aim for a weekly blog post of some sort… As we move through the Photo Blog Boost program, I suspect you’ll find that writing gets easier and takes less time.”

“as we move forward next week with a big exercise that should give you some specific actions for your blog.”

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


Press Release from Social Photo Talk 

“Registration is Open for Photo Blog Boost

I’m excited to announce that Photo Blog Boost, the program for photographers who want to get serious about their blogs to grow business and make more money, is now live and ready for you!

As a photographer, your blog should help you show your work. Your blog should help potential clients find you. Your blog should reinforce relationships with existing clients. All of these things lead to the fact that your blog should help you make more money. That’s what Photo Blog Boost is about: making your blog support your business.”

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  1. Very interesting! I mean it's not for me because this is already something I've had in the works for a long time.

  2. It's a great idea and there is def. room in the market for a bunch of services like these.

  3. It's a great idea and there is def. room in the market for a bunch of services like these.

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