Game Over Lifeguard

When I noticed this scene I knew the exact angle and spot I wanted to photograph it from. Having the guard’s stand slightly off centered really frames this shot right. Here is where the trick comes in though. Remember when I mentioned removing the baby from a family portrait and the conflict it created for me?

In this photo the conflict doesn’t exist, but I instead, I want the opinion of the readers of this website. What would you do here with that metal fence pole on the bottom right? Would you leave it or remove it? Let’s take that a step further… If you said that you would remove it, how would you go about it? Which tool is your favorite for a situation like this? Content awareness, cloning, healing, photoshop, lightroom or another magic tool/application? Lately I’ve been using the content aware healing brush.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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