Game On In Central Park

Central Park was had so much going on when Brian FurbushChris DeAngelisJesse PafundiMike OlbinskiHeath O’FeeBrian Matiash, Rich Williams, Jacob Lucas and I walked through it.

We had some beers, some laughs and took a bunch of candid photographs of each other.  Hey… that’s how us photographers roll, right?

Anyway, so as we were leaving the park we walked past this softball game going on.  We walked directly past the bleachers and I noticed this couple enjoying the game.  But were they just enjoying the game or was it the view past the field that also had them stuck in that moment?  I had to take this shot.  I am glad I did.

Game On In Central Park

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  1. This is awesome Scott, I love the moment you’ve captured here, the skyline is great behind them as well.

  2. I like the impression of waiting in this.

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