From My Eye: In The Distance


I went out on a short, 1 mile, photowalk before the rain was supposed to start. (it never rained)

During the walk, I was testing the Gordy Camera Strap to see how comfortable it was and how it performed when the camera was on a tripod.

As you can see the strap does not get in the way of anything, like a neck strap usually does.

This scene is a lot of fun, but you can’t tell from this quick iPhone shot.  I’m very excited to process the image and can’t wait to share how it turns out.

My goal is to create a dreamy like image where the house in the distance pops form the rest of the background.  At the same time, keeping the image natural.

I did bracket the scene for HDR as a backup incase there is not enough detail for me to use one exposure.  However, at first glance of the DNG files, I should be able to get by with just the one exposure.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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