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pro-studio-exchangeIf you own a photography studio then you want to check out Pro Studio Exchange. The website, built off the WooThemes Listings WordPress theme, is a free database of studios for rent around the world. At the time I’m writing this, the website only handles the USA, but it will soon open its doors to the rest of the world.

  • Renters want studio space when and where you need it.
  • Save money renting from fellow photographers.
  • Hosts have downtime in their studio spaces every day
  • Make money renting your studio when it’s not in use


Pro Studio Exchange is a photographer-to-photographer sharing community that connects photographers who have studio space to share with others seeking studio space for a short term when and where they want it.

For Renters

  1. Find the perfect studio
  2. Confirm availability
  3. Book your studio
  4. Use it.

For Hosts

  1. List your studio FREE
  2. Confirm reservation
  3. Renter uses your studio
  4. Get paid

If you own a studio, listing it on Pro Studio Exchange is free, so head over to the website and find yourself some renters.  Thanks for reading and happy renting & selling,


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  1. I love this idea. Really gives people almost no excuse to not try some studio work. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Chris!

      I am ecstatic to learn you like the concept. Responses to our launch have been very enthusiastic. I hope that photographers will see this as a new income stream opportunity, either renting something they already have and pay for, or being able to expand their photography offerings to more customers without incurring the expense of studio and equipment ownership.

      Thanks for the thumbs up!

      Nancy Stall
      founder, Pro Studio Exchange

  2. Thanks for posting this Scott! I wonder if there is a size limit… I can totally see the benefit of renting my little Kate Benson studio (only good for product and small portrait if you see my site there, you know about the max it can shoot). But a little converted garage studio might just make a few bucks too. Thanks so much for posting this! Wish there was a resource for renting gear out for location work too.


    1. Glad to share Kate. I think there is a gear website similar to this, but I can’t remember the name. If I think of it I will share that as well.

  3. Hi Kate,

    I am the founder of Pro Studio Exchange. The rental prices posted are inclusive for the gear the studio offers. This includes lighting equipment and accessories, umbrellas, softboxes, tripods, backgrounds, props, computer capture, etc. There is a place on the sign up form to list what features, equipment and amenities are included. Photographers must provide their own cameras and lenses.

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