The Fireworks That Weren’t

Every year, Freehold, New Jersey hosts the Monmouth County Fair.  Opening night of the fair, people stay late for fireworks and games.  Of course, a Manalapan, New Jersey Photographer I was there ready with my Leica M9 and tripod.

I was set up and waiting.

Then the test was launched and as it turned out, they moved the fireworks from where they were last year.

So before the official show started, I ran to a new spot, framed and got ready.

This was my view.


While some people may find the light effect on the tents interesting, it bothered me that they were there.  Sure, I could Photoshop them out, but that’s not my style.

So what is a photographer to do?

That’s easy!  Stay tuned tomorrow to see how I dealt with the situation.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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