Find The Pickles 46/52

This weekend Melissa and I put an offer in on a new house. We’re keeping our fingers crossed on this one because it’s perfect for us. This week was also Melissa’s birthday and to celebrate a bunch of us went to Harold’s Deli in Edison, New Jersey. That place never lets us down. Look for video clips of Man vs. Food visiting the deli and you’ll see why it is so fantastic. I’ll give you a hint. One sandwich feeds the entire table. Or how about the Matzoh Ball soup. Wow! Harold’s also has an incredible pickle bar. Bet you can’t find it!

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Congrats on the house offer; homebuying will be an adventure :)

    1. I went through it once with my condo, but i’m looking forward to a house. Thanks Aaron!

  2. Oh How I love Harold’s! Maybe i’ll go there for Thanksgiving :)

    Good Luck with the house.

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