Featured in the Imagenomic Photographer Gallery

For those that don’t know who or what Imagenomic’s Noiseware is on the favorite list for so many photographers. Portraiture is known for creating that airbrush look and making it super simple for the photographer.

With that said, I am now listed on Imagenomic’s gallery of photographers that use their plugins. I’m honored to be a part of the Imagenomic gallery. Additionally, my friend Dave Wilson is featured there so please check out his gallery.

Before you head to Imagenomic to view some amazing photographs, remember I have some awesome coupon codes to save you some cash if you decide to purchase their plugins.  Save 10% off any Imagenomic product using the discount code “SCOTTWYDEN

View My Gallery on Imagenomic.  Right now my gallery is mostly landscapes but I plan on adding some portrait work soon.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


note: I forgot to mention that the Imagenomic gallery is powered by SmugMug Pro! SmugMug is an elegant photo hosting solution for a complete website or client proofing and ordering. SmugMug partnered with BayPhoto to offer the best possible printing of your photography. Save $5 by using the discount code “h9TyAzHKPA3Lc”.  SmugMug is also offering the first year subscription using the coupon code IMAGENOMIC.

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