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Time Is On Your Side

time is on your side - exploring long exposure photographyLong exposure photography is when a photographer uses specific methods, like longer shutter speeds and neutral density filters, in order to create an effect in a photograph. Often times the same technique is used to remove moving objects from a scene or smooth out water.

Did you know you could set up a camera and tripod in Times Square and with a long enough exposure you could completely remove all the people in the frame. Yes, not a single person in the photo… in Times Square. Learn how in the long exposure photography eBook. In the eBook you will:

  • Learn the ins and outs of long exposure photography.
  • See why photographers use the technique and how they go about it.
  • Discover the many accessories and tools that are readily available for you to take advantage of.
  • Find answers to commonly asked questions about long exposure photography.

Go Wider with Panoramic Photography

Go Wider with Panoramic PhotographyIn Go Wider with Panoramic Photography, I share insights and techniques for creating segmented panoramic photography, which involves manually capturing a single row of photographs and combining them into a panorama. You will develop the skills that go into making panoramic photographs, from setup to capture and post processing. Along the way, you will pick up important tips on stitching and editing that will help you make great panoramic photographs–and have fun, too! In the ebook you will:

  • Learn everything you need to get started creating great panoramic shots–from essential equipment like tripods and filters to the right exposure settings to capture the scene.
  • Explore techniques for making the frames for your shots, including setting up your tripod, leveling the camera, adjusting space between frames, and composing your images.
  • Walk through the process of editing a panoramic shot, learning how to stitch your images together, make image adjustments, and more.

The eBook is only available directly from Peachpit Press in their Fuel Series as a PDF, ePub and Mobi and also Amazon Kindle and iTunes iBooks

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Ambivert’s Guide to Street Photography

Ambivert's Guide to Street PhotographyThe typical street photographer is an extrovert, and doesn’t mind getting close and personal with random people on the street. But what about the introverted photographers that want to try street photography? In the Ambivert’s Guide to Street Photography you will learn how someone who is introverted or borderline extroverted (or an ambivert) can enjoy street photography without the uncomfortable interaction normally faced with street photography.

Absorbing Light

Absorbing LightThere are many methods to learning photography. Photography school isn’t meant for everyone, and with the technology and resources available today, is it worth it? Absorbing Light is my story. How I learned the art, and the moments that made me realize my passion for photography. This is how I absorb light and how you can too.

Set Your Passion Free

Once you know what to do and not to do You must put the rules aside and explore your own creative vision. Learn about some of things you can think about, and then stop thinking about – to expand your photography. Learn how to boost your creativity with a unique, experimental and enjoyable approach to photography.

NxNW 2014 – Acadia National Park

NxNW-2014-eBook-CoverOctober of 2014 was a fantastic month.  The month started out with a trip to Acadia National Park in Maine.  A group of photographer friends got together, rented a house and spent endless hours photographing the beauty of the park.  We compiled a physical book for us to buy for ourselves.  And there were many inside jokes which outsiders won’t be able to understand.  But even with that, we decided to share an eBook version with the world.  The eBook is 100% free, and simply shares some of our most favorite photographs and moments.  So please give it a download and then be sure to check out the websites for each of the photographers included.

When Photography And Karate Merge

Because a big part of karate is the community, sharing and education – I wanted to share my experience and thoughts in a free eBook. See what karate taught me about photography, and how important it is to understand the art of photography before photographing something so special.