Doing more for Follow Friday

On January 16, 2008 Micah Baldwin started Follow Friday on Twitter. Since then the trend has grown to be one of the most popular things to do on Twitter. Websites have formed based on it and the hashtag grew to become what it is today, #followfriday.

A few months back I decided to no longer post my #followfriday’s and instead to utilize which is a web app for recommending other Twitter users. I have been trying to make at least one recommendation every Friday. A few other Twitter users have followed in my footsteps and started to do the same. I think that’s a wonderful thing!

I now have another idea. We all know that most consumers don’t write positive reviews about a company they have dealt with. So starting today I will be heading to Reseller Ratings and other websites like that and will try and post at least one good review of a company I have dealt with. If the review goes public immediately I will then Tweet a link to the review.

How did I get this idea? I get so frustrated that Mack has so many customers and only ones that had bad experiences seem to want to post their positive reviews. It makes our company look bad when in reality we do everything we can for our customers. There is no way to make every customer happy.

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Update: Not photography related but what the hey.
This morning I wrote my first positive review on a car rack for my 2010 Prius at

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