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Scott Kelby has been on Twitter for a few months now.  He posts your typical things like what is doing during his daily routines, etc..  However, you don’t see him giving the Twitterverse inside information.  Read his new post and see if you want to follow him or not.   I follow Scott Kelby because he is a great source of knowledge base and although he isn’t there to tutor everyone, he does answer some random questions every so often.

Yesterday I asked Scott

@ScottKelby I know your photo vest has the NAPP brand on it, but who makes the vest? –link

He replies with

@scottwyden I think it’s a Tamrac vest. :) –link

Simple question, simple answer.  Gotta love Twitter!  So will you follow Scott Kelby?

“I won’t be able to answer Photoshop questions, or photography gear questions, on Twitter.. but I will do my best to make sure if you do follow me, I’ll make it worth your while.”

via Photoshop Insider Blog By Scott Kelby » Don’t Follow Me On Twitter…..

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