Do A Barrel Roll

Have you Google Do A Barrel Roll?

If not, click the link above and see Google’s Easter Egg.  Please note that sometimes it doesn’t work.  Maybe Google disables it even so often.  Not sure…

Anyway, so during my recent trip to Rhode Island, we visited the Newport Winery for a tour.  The winery is small but their wine is delicious.


The winery purchased their barrel’s from France.  They’re strong, smell amazing and are huge.  What I found so neat about how they use their barrels is that after 8 or so years, when they aren’t good for wine anymore, Newport Winery sells them to a local whiskey maker.  That whiskey must be so good.  If you’re ever in the Newport, Rhode Island area I highly recommend spending a couple hours at the winery.  Bring a lunch and picnic in the field!

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  1. coooool! that idea to bring a picnic lunch is fabulous!!! i have a friend who has two homes there, (one is the gibbs mansion) and loves wine! i am gonna tell her! gonna refer her to your site!

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