Decide Where To Stop

When I first walked past this house I wasn't sure if I should stop and photograph it.

The owner was outside landscaping and I don't want to be the creepy guy walking by taking pictures.

However, after I finishing up my photowalk and heading back home, I had to pass the house again.  This time, the owner was either inside or not home.  So I took a few minutes and set up a bunch of shots.

My goal was to get the out house in focus and then using Focal Point from +onOne Software, create the tilt effect to blur the rest of the frame.

Goal accomplished!

The takeaway from this is that when you're out shooting, decide where you want to stop.  What I mean is… I knew I wanted the shot, but didn't want to be "that guy".  I decided, and when faced with the opportunity, grabbed it!

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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