Danger Around Every Corner

Recently I had to take a car to the mechanic. The mechanic we used happens to be just about three miles from my house, up the road.

I drove the car in the morning and because it was such a nice day, I decided to walk home. This managed to do two things; drop off the car and complete a 3 mile photowalk.

As it turns out, the walk was pretty dangerous. Usually it wouldn’t be, but because of the two storms we had recently the roads changed.

The roads were already narrow and winding, but the storm knocked down so many trees and power lines, that walking it was a bad move.

Sometimes a three mile photowalk doesn’t feel very safe. (G+)

As I turned a corner, I noticed these two tractors hiding in the brush of this farm. Living near farms, I see tractors a lot, but they’re not usually hidden on the edges of the properties.

With a little Perfect Effects magic, I brought out the November colors and detail in the tractors.

So with that… be safe.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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