Crowdsourcing A Photography Presentation Title

I will be presenting to the Ridgewood Camera Club (New Jersey) in September. I am asking for your help to create the title of the presentation. If your suggested title is picked, your name will be given credit in the presentation. In addition, the presentation will be transformed into an eBook which means your name will be given credit there as well.

What Is Crowdsourcing?

“Crowdsourcing is the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to an undefined, large group of people or community (a “crowd”), through an open call.” –Wikipedia

Topic of Presentation

Breaking photography the rules.

Description of Presentation

Once you know what to do and not to do, you must put the rules aside and explore your own creative vision.

How To Suggest A Title

Easy, you can submit a title suggestion by commenting below.

Thanks for reading and happy Crowdsourcing,


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  1. Who needs stinky rules!

  2. Rules? What rules?

    Unlearning what you’ve learned about photography.

    I might have more later :)

  3. Guidelines for Photography: Creatively Breaking the Rules


    Photographic Deviance: Breaking all the Rules

    1. Both very good titles! Thanks for sharing Ariston!

  4. “Unruly Photography : Disorder and Disruption”

  5. Set Your Passion Free: Embracing A Photographic Vision

    1. I like that one. Thanks for sharing!

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