Crooked Tree

This crooked tree stands in a park in New Jersey.  One day while walking around the park, I had nothing but my Nikon D700 and 24-70mm lens.

I had no tripod, so all of my shots during the walk were handheld.

The sun was settings so I had to move fast.

I haven’t touched the series of photographs from this walk, for a couple years.  But recently I opened this one photograph in onOne Software’s Perfect Effects for some re-inspiration.

I used a few effects within the software in order to make the tree pop off the background.

  • Orton Hears A Who
  • Tonal Contrast
  • Green Enhancer

Of course, I also used the masking tool within Perfect Effects so I could pin-point what goes where.

When I look at this photograph I feel the sense of freedom and future.  The freedom because of the wide path and tall trees.  Future because of the path leading to an unknown.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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