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5DayDeal_Oct2017_Value_PosterIf I told you that you could become a better artist while helping raise money for charity? Wouldn’t you at least want to learn how?

If I said you could help a child in Africa get a life-saving surgery just by investing in your own artistic growth, wouldn’t you at least ask how?

As photographers, we’ve seen a lot of smiles.

We truly understand (probably better than anyone) the power of a smile. I’m not talking about those forced, fake smiles that appear on the faces of folks posing for uncomfortable family photos. No, we try to skip past those moments and wait to capture real emotion—true happiness—seemingly magnetic smiles.

For some people though, the only smile they can manage is forced.

This is all too true for the loved ones of children facing cancer. The wild thing is, those children—the ones actually going through chemotherapy, being hooked up to machines, taking handfuls of pills at a time, losing their hair in chunks, and going through surgeries—will still look up with eyes of wonder and massive smiles on their faces.

These are the kinds of smiles everyone should aim for.

That is precisely why Smile-A-Mile exists. They want to make those smiles even grander so they provide “challenging, unforgettable, recreational and educational experiences for young cancer patients”.

As one of 5DayDeal’s four chosen charity partners for this year’s photography bundle, they will benefit from every sale of The Complete Photography Bundle.

That means you can join forces with some of the top photographers in the world in making a difference in a young child’s life by purchasing an exclusive photography bundle.

But those children aren’t the only ones who will be lifted up through this sale. Mercy Ships will be able to send more hospital ships to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to medical care, BOMA will be able to help more women start small businesses to graduate from poverty, and The Exodus Road will have additional funds to put toward saving victims of human trafficking.

Even more incredible, you can make this difference while doing something to elevate your own skills and driving growth in your artistry. The Complete Photography Bundle is a collection of video tutorials, eBooks, Adobe Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions and overlays, posing guides, shooting resources, marketing and advertising tips and tricks, and so much more from a bunch of amazing pro photographers. It’s over $2,500 worth tools and resources for just $117 and 10% of every sale go to those charities!

Sadly, the event will come to an end on Oct. 18 at 12:00 PM (noon) PDT. Which means, you only have 2 days to snatch it up.


So far, the photography community has raised thousands of dollars with this bundle. Please help us reach our goal of $200,000 by doing two things:

So please help. Click this link, purchase the bundle, and help change the world.

Save the world

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