Create your photography story
Create your photography story

I want to try something different. A sort of mad-lib-esq photography fun. Below is a photograph I captured in Freehold, NJ. View the photo and then comment below and start creating a story. The next person to comment should continue the story.

I think it will be interesting to see where it goes.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting (and story building),


Create your photography story
Create your photography story

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  1. Alcoholics call it a ‘moment of clarity’ – that one fleeting glimpse of a reality only known to those looking on from the outside, where all possible futures exist at once and resignation gives way to choice.
    Andy was not an alcoholic but he knew as he stood staring at the now empty loading bay, head throbbing, blood trickling slowly down the side of his head that his next choice would determine the course of his life.

  2. Whatever mechanism those doors normally used to open and close them was apparently broken. Andy would cut through the industrial park on his way to work in the morning, and then again on his way back to his studio apartment in the afternoon, so he passed this particular loading bay twice a day, five days a week. We had noticed on many an occasion the required use of a crowbar and old-fashioned muscle to get the door opened in order to on- and off- load trucks. Andy hoped, for their sake, that no disreputable individuals caught on to this ease of entry.

    That was back before he lost his job. That was back before his life became disreputable.

  3. Andy cannot remember exactly what caused him to follow through on his decision, only that he was broke, hungry, and in a foul mood. What he can remember was that it was dark outside thanks to the storm clouds hiding the moon. There was a slight rain falling and this would work to Andy’s favor. That night, Andy took his crowbar and headed out.

    Andy was surprised by how easily the door opened. What he was not prepared for was what awaited him inside.

  4. Not knowing what to expect, Andy’s mind was full with delusions of grandeur. Directly to his right was a crate. It was roughly his height and square in shape. Using the skills he acquired from his days as a Boy Scout, he climbed on top of the crate to scan the rest of the space. As he panned from left to right all he could see were crates. Some were covered with old tarps while others were bare. Then all of the sudden he heard a cry toward his right. It was faint and could have been anything. Andy didn’t hesitate. He leaped from crate to crate with impeccable speed. The cry grew louder. He moved faster. Then suddenly he froze. Stunned at what he saw, he couldn’t move.

  5. What he saw, he couldn’t believe. In all of his wildest dreams – from his childhood until that previous night – his mind would not have been prepared for this event. It was both the most beautiful and most disturbing creation that he has witnessed – ever. Gaining courage by talking himself into moving, he approached the area with crates that were destroyed and thrown aside, leaving a small crater of broken wood and packaging debris, the air temperature dropped, leaving Andy with goose flesh and a sense of doom. Moving forward, cautiously in an semi-crouched position, one hand outstretched with the other clenching the crowbar, his pupils began to grow in excitement.

  6. Meanwhile, Eric sat impatiently at the local pub wondering what fool thing his brother Andy was caught up in now. The night Andy’s fiance was killed left a scar on everyone’s heart, but that was five years ago–Andy needed to move on. Drinking himself to oblivion, lashing out at the world, the incoherent stories about strange aberrations, Andy was only getting worse. Eric was tired of playing parent to his older sibling, and the fact Andy just quit his job didn’t help matters.

    “What the hell is taking him so long?!?!”, scoffed Eric while throwing back another beer. A great day was quickly turning into a shit evening, but he was not going to let Andy ruin his mood. No sir, while his brother may have been spiraling in a free fall, Eric’s star was rising. He just had to tell his brother the news, even if it meant they would also be parting ways.

    In all of his wildest dreams – from his childhood until today – Eric’s mind could not have been prepared for recent events. He knew Andy wasn’t going to like it… NOT. ONE. BIT.

  7. At that moment though Andy wasnt liking the creature he was seeing right at that moment, it was definately not human but in someways resembled a Ninja like beast, what worried him now was how fast could it move, as it had already spotted Andy perched atop the nearest crate, what now as they both stared into each others eyes,

    1. the creature starts advancing towards Andy and Andy starts backing up till he stumble on a crate and fell. The creature came and stand over Andy and stare right into his eyes and then turn around and disappear into the darkness,

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