Crack It Open 31/52

My in-laws have a business where they buy, restore, and sell foreclosures. In one of the recent homes they purchased, the previous owners left a H.H.M. wall safe on the floor. After some research and phone calls it has been determined that the safe was built before World War II, because that is when H.H.M. went out of business. The trick here is how we plan on cracking the safe open without destroying it. In the end, we might call a specialist and pay to see what is inside. Who knows…


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  1. i wanna know what is inside!

  2. You have to let us know about the innards! very curious, wow, what a find :)

    1. I will be sure to do that :-)

      1. I’ve been tilting it on it’s edge and quickly flipping it with my hand on the door. I’ve changed my mind and I do think that something is in there. Let’s make it interesting. We’ll have a contest. Entry fee will simply be a written commitment. )Part A: Vote first if you believe it’s empty or contains something( If it’s empty I pledge to split the contents with all entrants). If you guess there’s something inside… guess the value. The one closest to the correct answer gets bragging rights.

        Part B : Guess what the locksmith will charge to open the safe?

  3. can u shake it or does it weigh a ton

    1. It’s heavy but nothing rattles, could be money :-)

  4. Do you need a locksmith to get into it? I know of a couple of guys in Vineland who know how to open safes.

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