Charlotte Journal #5

This morning we woke up and decided to go to the Latta Plantation after the Presidential Inauguration. After the ‘show’ we took the short drive to the Plantation to find that it was closed due to ‘weather’. This was demanded by the county. Apparently in that county, if schools are closed then the Plantation has to be closed. The people who were in the gift shop (painting) said that we could walk the grounds without paying. Only a couple animals were out and there were no workers acting their roles. This sounded good so we did it.

We took a grounds map and started walking to find two horses and a donkey outside, a bunch of chickens in their coupe and no one around. Without doing a tour the place seamed small but being built in 1800 (no joke, actually in 1800) it was neat anyway. I took a bunch of pictures around the grounds.

After we left we drove to Lancasters BBQ. This was highly recommended by Melissa’s cousin. Although we ate a lot of fried food already this vacation and were not too hungry we went anyway. I got a Chicken Cutlet ‘Buffalo’ sandwich that was pretty good. We got Cajon Potato Curls and friend Pickles. Although really greasy it was very good but we are all feeling it now. I’m ready for healthy non fried food for a good while.

We are now at the airport. Our plane was for 6:15PM but was delayed until 7:00PM and moved to a different part of the airport. Isn’t that something. Soon we will board on our way back to chilly New Jersey.


PS. Free WiFi rocks!

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