Charlotte Journal #3

Last night was great.  The restaurant was very elegant and cozy.  The ambiance was welcoming and unique.  The food was amazing.  I had a Spinach Salad with peaches and a blackberry vinaigrette dressing for my appetizer and a Fried Chicken Breast Cutlet with Butter Garlic Mashed Potatoes as my entre.  They were both incredible.

Today we woke up and made some pancakes, then went to the supermarket to buy ingredients for Melissa’s famous Olive & Bean salad and Lauren’s famous Hummus.

At 1PM we had plans to meet with Melissa’s father’s best friend from growing up who he hasn’t seen in 30 years.  Joe is was the guitar player in the band (The Squires) that Melissa’s father played in back in high school.  Joe is now an Architectural Photographer in Charlotte.  His studio is this beautiful open space in the shadows of the Bank of America Stadium where the Panthers play.  Even though Joe shoots Canon he was still a very nice guy! ;)  He and his wife took us to lunch at Mac’s for some North Carolina BBQ.  Then they drove us around and gave us a tour of the many different parts of the city.

When we returned from our tour we made some food to bring with us to a family dinner.  Tonight was the first time I ate Iranian food and it was delicious.

Tomorrow we are all waking up early and heading to the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC.  Biltmore was a castle converted into an estate with many hotels on premesis, a golf course, huge pools and a winery for us to tour!  The best part is the location.  Biltmore is located right at the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I am very excited to take a lot of pictures there.  On the way up we will be stopping at Chimney Rock which looks like it will be an amazing sight.  We heard it is closing soon so I am glad we will be able to see it before then!

Until Tomorrow, Thanks for reading.


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