Charlotte Journal #2

We woke up planning on visiting a Flea Market outside of Charlotte.  We got ready and left. It’s 10 miles from where we are staying in Huntersville.  To keep it simple…it was a waste.   However, we traveled to a Wachovia to withdrawl some money and found a funny truck I photographed.  I will post the pictures when I return home.

We decided to drive into Charlotte and see what is around for our day tomorrow.  When we got in most of the streets were closed off do to a Martin Luther King Jr. Parade going on.  A parade like that is worth seeing down south.  It is completely different than what a MLK Jr. Parade is like in New Jersey.  We checked out the visiter center and a local market somewhat like Trader Joes but not nearly as cool.  I got a beer called Ska Beer (cool name) with a wax cover over the top.  It has a Ska decor on the label.  It is neat.  Also got wine from Biltmore.  That is the winery we are doing a tour of on Monday.

We headed back to Melissa’s cousins house for her seven year old cousins birthday party.  It was a Hannah Montana party.  Seven year olds are funny.  Tonight Melissa’s cousins got a sitter and we are heading out to Carpe Diem Resturaunt in Charlotte for a nice dinner.

We have some plans for tomorrow but I will write it up then.

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