Charlotte Journal #1

This is the first entry in my Charlotte Journal.  My vacation started out with a bang…or shall I say…PAIN.  I chipped a tooth in the back of mouth earlier in the week and had a dentist appointment for last night.  My mouth did not hurt at all but I figured I’d have it checked before I left for North Carolina.  To make a long story short, the filling in this tooth broke and it was degrading at the bottom so the Dentist had to clean the filling and put another one.  How bad did it hurt you ask?  Three shots of novocain and one of some other drug that goes directly into the root and I still felt it.  I had an x-ray taken and it turns out that it is less than a millimeter from the nerve and the nerve is inflamed which explains the sensitivity.  He filled it with a temporary filling and wrote me perscriptions for anti-biotics and pain killers (just incase).  Fortunatly my mouth is not in pain so I do not need the pain killers.  However, the anti-biotics is what is helping my mouth stay calm.

When we arrived at the airport this morning we made our way through security.  When my camera gear backpack went through the x-ray machine they saw something that gave them a scare (probobly the meds) and did a chemical test on the interior of the bag.

Eating some breakfast while we wait to board we noticed people having an argument which involved food and the plane crash from yesterday.  Apparently this man was on the plane and the resturaunt didn’t want to give him food.  I know there is probobly more to the story than that but if it was my resturaunt I’d give the man some freaking food!

The flight was OK.  Small plane like the one that went down yesterday.  Some technical problems with an engine but it was OK.  Lovely right?

We landed, got our rental car and arrived at Melissa’s cousins house.  I took care of some emails that had to get done, confirmed our reservatinos for Carpe Diem in Charlotte tomorrow night and now I’m writing this.   I’m sure something exciting will happen tonight.

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