Charleston Wading

I will admit, until my trip to Charleston, I had no idea what wading was. Melissa and I were walking around while sightseeing in Charleston when we came upon a few fountains. Each one had instructions about what not to do when wading and to be careful because there is no lifeguard. I will also admit that I was overwhelmed with excitement with the chance to legally walk in a fountain. So we did.


After snapping some shots while wading in Charleston (and Melissa taking pictures of me doing so…as you see below) we moved on to the next fountain which was much bigger.

There was a group of kids having a blast so I snapped a couple of frames to show how much fun wading can be.


While writing this blog article I decided to look up the definition of Wading.  Interestingly enough, if has a few meanings.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


Definition of WADE

intransitive verb

  1. to step in or through a medium (as water) offering more resistance than air
  2. to move or proceed with difficulty or labor
  3. to set to work or attack with determination or vigor —used with in or into ;

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  1. Looks like fun and seems like Charleston is a great place to visit!

    1. Thanks Steve. Yea, I recommend visiting one day if you can. Well worth it!

  2. Ha! – Living in the (cold) Northwest – I’ve never heard of fountain wading before, so that’s a new one on me. Who would even know someone would put out “no life guard on duty” signs for a fountain. That’s pretty funny.

    1. Even through I’m from New Jersey, I was thinking the same thing when I first glanced at that sign.

  3. I love it, It made me laugh. I have one question “What ever happened to Darwin” do you really need a no lifeguard sign.

    1. Apparently so Ryan. I got a kick out of it as well

  4. That’s funny. I wouldn’t have even thought to crawl into a fountain without that sign there. :)

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