Change Is Coming to HDR Photography with HDR Expose

This morning Unified Color has announced that they have redesigned HDR PhotoStudio 2 from the ground up. All existing HDR PhotoStudio 2 licenses will get a free upgrade to the new HDR Expose software so no worries there everyone. Here are the details:

HDR Expose™ is an HDR merge & editing application for Mac and Windows that works in 32-bit floating point precision. Automatically merge multiple exposures into one HDR image. Adjust color, brightness and contrast while maintaining a full 32-bit workflow without tone mapping. Produces crisp, photo-realistic HDR images without halos or color shifts. Package includes standalone application and export plug-ins for Adobe® Lightroom® and Apple Aperture®.

  • Step Up to HDR Photography with Unified Color HDR Expose
  • Create crisp, photo-realistic High Dynamic Range images
  • Operate in full 32-bit mode precision
  • Easily fits into your workflow with Aperture and Lightroom plug-ins
  • Available July 12th at special introductory price of $99!

The announcement can be found at Unified Color’s blog post: Change Is Coming.

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You can win a free copy of the software by participating in my photo contest

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  1. How is it compared to Photomatix?

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