Center Mass 17/52


My weekend lately have been filled with wedding planning and schoolwork. Last weekend I got back from a short trip to South Carolina (as I mentioned on Friday). During that trip I had the chance to fire some Air Force guns on the Air Force base in Charleston and have a lesson from an airman. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that will be a memory for the rest of my life. I saved my targets from the day, which you see in this photo. When Melissa and I sell our condo and find a house, all the targets will be hung (in frames) in my studio [man cave].

Photos from the shooting range to follow this week hopefully.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting (photography),


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  1. I definitely don’t miss the wedding planning. The day after the wedding was on par due to the stress and planning removal.

    Seems like a shooting range would be a pretty crazy relief. Never done it

    1. It was a good stress reliever, but not something I would want to do too often.

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