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The End 365/365

I thought this last photo for my Project 365 was quite appropriate. Have a warm, safe, happy and healthy New Year!


Hold on 364/365

One more to go… Still undecided on what to do next year for a photo project.


#begincryptic 363/365

The end is near. Follow the tracks. #endcryptic cryp·tic/ˈkriptik/Adjective 1. Having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure. 2. (of a crossword) Having difficult clues that indicate the solutions indirectly.


Snow Mountain 362/365

After so many years, how is it that New Jersey was not prepared for 31 inches of snow?


Two feet of snow, drift and ice 361/365

What a fun day.  I had to dig two cars out of 24 inches of snow.  Add ice and snow drift to the mix and it makes for a mess.


Dreaming of a white day after Christmas 360/365

Woah, 5 more days left on my project 365!


Seating for Twenty Three 359/365

Celebrating Chanukah on Christmas Day with my family and Melissa’s family.


Hot Plate 358/365


Home for the holiday 357/365

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  There is something BIG happening on my blog starting tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


It’s A Beautiful Day 356/365

Even though it’s freezing out, tonight’s sky reminded me of the U2 song It’s A Beautiful Day


Season’s Greetings 355/365

Ten more photos until my Project 365 is over.  Wow!


Chicken Drive-by 354/365

This place is a bit on the gross side (to me) and yet they are always busy. Hey, order your holiday platter soon.