Canon LP-E6: Get it while its hot!

I was shocked when even hours after my tweet saying “I have a Canon LP-E6 battery available for all of you Canon #photog people. $65 shipped – First come first battery!” I had no takers. So I tweeted again saying “How did I get no takers on the 5D Mark II battery? It’s still first come first battery for $65 shipped! #photog NEW!”. John Milleker had a good idea. Post it on the blog and maybe someone will bite. I mean come on people. I’m not even a Canon shooter and I know how hard to find these batteries are.

So here it is folks. I have a brand new Canon LP-E6 battery for the Canon 5D Mark II camera. I am asking $65 for it. That’s right, FREE SHIPPING. Crazy right? I won’t ship out of the USA. Sorry to my international readers.

First come first battery.

Let me know you want it via Twitter or my contact form and if you’re the first then it’s yours.

Happy Labor Day!


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