Canon G11 or bust

As everyone most likely knows by now Canon announced the new G11 camera to replace the G10. But did they succeed in doing so?

The Canon G10 is a 14.7 megapixel (too high for the average person anyway), 5x optical zoom with IS. 28mm wide lens and a 3″ LCD.
The Canon G11 is a 10 megapixel, 5x optical zoom, 28mm wide lens with a 2.8″ swivel LCD

My opinion. Canon downgraded the megapixels which is good for the average consumer but not for photographers who use the camera professionally as a backup, scouting camera, etc. However, with the Digic 4 processor at 10 megapixels the ISO noisy should be better. I guess we will have to see when sample photos and reviews start emerging. The didn’t change the lens but did reduce the size of the LCD slightly and also added a swivel to the LCD which is something that can break quite easily of not handled correctly.

I’m just ranting but am I missing something here?  The Canon G10 is still currently available at Amazon for $469.99 and the Canon G11 is available for pre-order for $499.99.

For the record: It’s not that I don’t think 10 megapixels is enough because it is definitely enough for anyone. My concerns are did Canon make the right decisions with the new model and did they do enough?


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  1. Um, you do realize that the *nominal* linear resolution difference between 15 mpix and 10 mpix is only 22%, right? And you do realize that with that tiny sensor and any zoom lens that can be realistically manufactured for a small, light, $500 camera, the physics of diffraction and the tolerances of lens alignment mean that even 10 mpix is Nyquist-oversampling that nice little lens, right?

    In other words, you do realize that the extra 5 mpix gets you exactly nothing but higher noise, lower ISO, bigger file sizes, and slower throughput in the imaging pipeline. In this camera, 15 mpix is not going to be better, or in fact as good, as 10. The MTFs will be better with the lower pixel count, especially under photon-limited conditions. That's not even accounting for camera movement.

    The sensitivity gain (2 stops, claimed) will also allow faster shutter speeds and/or more optimal apertures. Again, this means that if you don't use a tripod (and most G11 users don't, most of the time, since if you can carry a tripod you can carry a DSLR), the G11 will have better IQ. Most likely, *much* better IQ.

    You, um, do know this stuff, right? 'Cause, well, your post makes it look like you don't. I don't even like Canons, but this camera hits it out of the park.

  2. Of course the camera should technically be better.. This post is questioning if Canon made the right choice for the new model. Look at the 50D. It was supposed to be better than the 40D and most people don't like it as much as the 40D. There is more ISO noise than the 40D, etc..

    As I stated in the post we won't know until the reviews come in.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I will wait for the G12 or switch to Olympus. How can they release such a camera with all the good bits but with no HD video? It's beyond me! I use the video on my 5D Mk II a lot and I wanted a complementary compact. This is not it.

  4. That's a good point too. A lot of consumers want the better video in a still camera. Thanks for the comment!

  5. 1st: sorry my bad english.

    The best move ever made by Canon in ages!, is time to see less megapixel and more detailed photos.
    I 'm a happy user of Fujifilm s6000fd, with 6mpx , RAW at 800 ISO is a dream comparing with others compact cameras, quite good for a normal user, a little short for a professional, far from big IQ from dsrl.

    10mpx resolution is rigth at home for a back-up camera or a littles professional works (just for small sensor, not for the good resolution).

    Of corse, as Spiny: many advantages like Dinamic Range, less clip, more stops, less trepidation, less noise, less compromise with the lens resolution, flip LCD… etc, learning about 40d and 50d, Canon is touching resolution limits.
    The video is the little (for me) detail…

    Sony and Canon playing the megapixel war for years, Nikon stoped in FF cameras with half mpx than Canon…Keep these in mind, is not about only resolution, is about IQ too, see how the magnific Foveon sensor tech retains more detail with less pixel count. The truth is, you never find much compact cameras with the quality of dsrl in the market (just very few, R1, DP1 ), because they (brands) need make a diference between pro and not pro…selling lens or selling gadgets. The brands creates sockets to sell many and more products all the time, more sockets in the market…more money to win, so the truth is… a Compact camera 1/1.7″ sensor with modern tech be ideal up to 8mpx as much, that for sure…sorry my bad english.

  6. The concept that says "less is more" is far too often lost on far too many. The G11 should be, in every way, the pinnacle of the Canon PowerShot G series to date. I can't wait to get mine! I think photographers who understand how digital imaging technology works, and who are interested almost exclusively in still images, will buy this camera, and will be rewarded with excellent results in the images this camera is able to produce. Those photographers who buy into marketing hype, want an all-in-one still/video package, and who want every feature under the sun, won't buy this camera. The success of the G11 will depend on if there are enough of the former to obviate the technological ignorance of the latter.Michael J Hoffman

  7. Nice Digic 4 processor in canon g11 but 10 megapixel reduce for old canon g10.

  8. The camera is a bit larger than the G9, most of that seems to be front to back. The data sheet shows the camera to be 5mm (1/4") thicker than my G9, you feel that 5mm when gripping the camera. It takes a larger pocket to hold the G11. The camera just fit in the shirt pocket of the aloha shirt I was wearing when unpacking the camera, but barely, not certain I would call this a pocket camera.

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