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Meet Heath O’Fee. He is a friend from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For the past year and change I’ve watched Heath experiment and grow his photographic techniques and skills. Heath is such a great guy and an incredible shooter.


During Heath’s recent vacation to New York City, he switched between shooting digital and shooting film with his medium format Mamiya camera.

The second photo you see is Heath shooting off the Brooklyn Bridge. Below is another candid photograph of Heath from our resting period in Central Park. Yes, that is also Mike Olbinski sneaking up behind Heath.


Please head over to Heath’s website to check out some of his film photographs from the vacation. ¬†They are so fun and so awesome.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Thanks for the mention and kind words, man! Such a great time meeting you and I couldn’t be happier that you were able to make it out.

    Love both these shots – any chance you could fire me a copy of both??

    1. Hey dude. I’m glad I was able to make it out as well! I’ll send over the images the first chance I have :-)

  2. Great shots of Heath, Scott!

  3. Hope to meet Heath, a fellow Canadian, someday!

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