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To me, Social Media is about the conversation and engagement. It’s about connecting with customers and colleagues around the world. Even with Twitter and Facebook being around as long as they have, there are so many people out there that completely automating their streams.

In my opinion, automation is okay as long as the person replies to a mention afterwards. Automation does save time and takes some of the stress out of getting an update out when you want.

When Buffer was released I was super excited to try it, and I fell in love with the service right away. The beauty of Buffer is the ability to add tweets, Facebook page, LinkedIn, App.net and Google Plus page updates easily and from practically everywhere. Buffer has an analytics feature that shows how much reach the update had, its retweets and how many clicks a link received. Buffer claims it can increase clicks on Tweets by 200% and sometimes I really do see this happening. It’s impressive really.


UPDATE: As of March 1, 2013 Crowdbooster no longer offers a free account.

So once you set up a Buffer account, scheduling your updates is super simple. But how do you know the best time of the day to schedule your buffer? That’s where Crowdbooster comes in to play. Crowdbooster analyzes your Twitter account and will send you weekly updates about your growth and possibly more important, the best time to tweet. There is an extra value-add from Crowdbooster. The weekly email will also tell you which domain that you linked to was clicked and retweeted the most. Check out Crowdbooster and request an invite.


Other tools that can be useful:

There you have it. Two awesome tools to increase your Social Media reach. Just make sure you follow up and engage with others. What’s your best time to tweet? What do you like and dislike about Buffer?

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  1. Saw your link over on Christopher Penn’s blog so had to drop in. Like you both mentioned I also like using crowdbooster in conjunction with buffer. I really like the weekly CTR information as… if I didn’t see a post spike in crowdbooster’s graph… its a quick reminder that I may want to consider doing more with it (since obviously my audience liked it).

  2. I see now that this is a really old post, if you measure it in Internet-time. :)
    But i was very interested in Buffer, it seems to be a very good timesaver.
    Is there any competition out there today or is Buffer still the thing to use?

    1. There a few companies trying to compete but Buffer is still the best.

    2. Cool, then i know that i dont have to look any further! I started using it and i think it’s great, easy to use and a perfect solution to speeding up the social workflow and a time saver.

      Thanks Scott!

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